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Company Name

Universal Bio Sampling Co., Ltd.


August 2020


38.45 million yen


​14-13 Yotsuya Honshio-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


6-3-7 Minamimachi, Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi

Our Team Member

Fumiaki Hirata

1985 Bachelor of Law, Kyoto University

1985-2000 Industrial Bank of Japan ICT system planning and development introduction, Singapore branch, etc.
2000-2020 Engaged in various business development projects in the healthcare and medical fields

Founded in August 2020 Representative Director


Graduated from School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University MBA from Cornell University

Waseda University/Tokyo Women's Medical University Joint Graduate School of Advanced Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Course

Citigroup (NY HQ, Tokyo for 19 years)

August 2020 Executive Officer of the Company

August 2021 Director of our company

Kazuo Nagasaki

1980 Graduated from Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo 2006 Attended MOT course for working adults, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo

1980-2003 Engaged in Nagoya Branch, London Branch, International Treasury Department, International Division Planning, Singapore Branch, Derivatives Product Planning, Bank Integration, etc. at Industrial Bank of Japan. Rich experience in risk management and new business planning. After that, he worked for a consulting company, management of a Japanese subsidiary of an overseas company, etc.
August 2021 Director of our company


Osamu Kamo

1984 Graduated from Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University

1984-Worked at a general electronics manufacturer Product planning and marketing for information terminals. Acquisition and management of European companies.
January 2023 Appointed Executive Officer of our company

BSPE事業部(Bio Sampling Process Engineering) @Kobe CLIK




1984 Graduated from Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Department of Polymer Chemistry

2015 Doctor of Medicine, Tokyo Women's Medical University
1984-2014 Toray Industries, Inc.

2014-2019 Toray Medical Co., Ltd.

​2019 President of Meis Technology Co., Ltd. (current position)

​Participation in our project from September 2020


1985 Ph.D., Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University

1996 Associate Professor at the same university
1999 Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Tokushima University

2004 Chief Researcher, Ito Nano Medical Engineering Laboratory, RIKEN (current position)
2013 RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science

         Leader of Emergent Bioengineering Materials Research Team,
         Division of Supramolecular Functional Chemistry (current position)

​Representative Director of R Nanobio Co., Ltd. (current position)

Yoshida​ Manabu

1984 Bachelor of Law, Kyoto University

1984-June 2022 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Director of Equal Employment, Children and Families Bureau in 2016 Director of Children and Families Bureau in 2017 Director of Health Policy Bureau in 2018
2020 Deputy Director, Cabinet Secretariat Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Office
September 14, 2020 Cabinet Secretariat Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Promotion Office Director
October 2021 Administrative Vice Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare

Retired from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in June 2022

Takuji Nishino

1969 Graduated from Shinshu University, Department of Precision Engineering

1982 Qualified as a patent attorney

2005 Appointed Executive Officer, General Manager of Intellectual Property Division, Sysmex Corporation

2012 Established Nishino Patent Office

Areas of specialization Intellectual property in general, especially contracts, negotiations, and litigation

Qualifications Patent Attorney (Specific Infringement Lawsuit Counsel)

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