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Business Development

Sample type

  1. Blood

  2. Saliva

  3. Feces

  4. ​Urine

  • Animal

  • Sewage

  • ​Cell culture


  1. Menopause

  2. Lifestyle disease

  3. Infection

  4. ​Cancer

  • Allergy

  • Periodontal disease, Oral flora

  • ​Intestinal flora

Target area

  1. Japan

  2. Southeast Asia

  • USA

  • Europe

  • ​China

  • Our business development is based on the multiplication of three factors: Sample type, target disease, and target area.

  • The first blood test target is female hormone testing as a countermeasure against menopausal disorders in women, and we are promoting business development targeting about 9.35 million people aged 45 to 54 in Japan. ​

At-home inspection scheme for UBiSS®️

UBiSS Laboratory Testing Platform

Sampling ,Transportation, Pretreatment, Analysis,
Result Notification and Storage

​ Digitizing the entire process

service provider

managed care medical insurance

Corporate health insurance Local government

Subject contact: Home medical care (online examination) Home-visit nursing care Dispensing pharmacy


Individual (big data from subject's perspective)

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